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Southern Vintage Photography is a creative company with a strong passion for the journalistic and artistic world of photography! Our SVP Team is led by owners and lead photographers, Jackie and Celess, a Type-A, dynamic duo. They created Southern Vintage Photography from the ground up in 2014 after becoming fast friends from their recent move to Charleston, SC . From the beginning, they have combined their talents to create some amazing photos for couples, families, businesses, and more!


At Southern Vintage Photography, we live to capture candid moments, genuine smiles, and anything that makes hearts flutter. Similarly, we edit images to simply highlight the beauty in the photos we capture - not distort it. We describe our final product as crisp, airy, light images that capture the real beauty of life and our subjects.

the team

As artists and photographers, Celess and Jackie are always finding new ways to compose a photo and utilize light to create the best possible product! There’s so much more to taking photos than just picking up a camera. From meeting and building bonds with clients to finding different ways to capture candid moments, photography is truly an integrated process that requires skill and passion.

celess titus

co-owner | photographer

Born and raised in the North (specifically Mid-West), I’ve always been a dreamer for hot summer days and the salty ocean air. I might not have been born a southern girl, but I’ve always wanted to be one! After graduating from the University of Minnesota, I could finally see a future that didn't involve trying to start the car in below freezing temperatures. I took my degree in Marketing and Advertising, my husband, and as much furniture as my car could hold and headed to the most beautiful place in the south I knew: Charleston. As the birthplace of our company, Southern Vintage Photography, this city has brought me so much happiness through the years!


    My artsy soul has always had a passion for photography. Do you know that one person who never put the camera down growing up? Yeah - that was me.  Whether it was a Polaroid (yes, I had those as a kid), a point and shoot, or my phone, I was always eager to capture the moment! I love reminiscing on sweet moments and surrounding myself with them; ask anyone who has been in my house! The truth is that photos have always held an important meaning to me because they’ve always captured what’s in my heart. It’s incredible how they move us, preserve our memories, remind us of what was, and tell the story of our lives. So when the opportunity came where Jackie and I could start a company capturing the moments most precious to others, I didn’t blink at the chance!

"i adore my little family, traveling and exploring, beach days, and tropical drinks with tiny umbrellas!"
jackie smith

co-owner | photographer

After growing up in Georgia, I knew that  the South was where I’d end up calling home. I love everything from the warmth and flowers to the historic downtowns and plantations. Before landing in the Lowcountry, I received my Visual Journalism degree from Kent State University in Ohio. In college, I focused on photography, design, and enjoyed the snow while I could. All that was left to do after was find a life that inspired me. Isn’t Charleston such a perfect place? I was not disappointed with my choice! The stars aligned, I met Celess, and Southern Vintage was born!


    My interest in photography was something I developed at a young age by picking up any digital camera I had lying around the house. It started with those big cameras with the disk drives, and thankfully I stuck with it until something much sleeker arrived. I loved composing images of flowers, the family dog, and sure enough all my friends had an ample amount of photo-ops. I really enjoyed portraiture, but when I discovered photojournalism I was sold. To be able to tell a story through images is a powerful thing. Being able to capture these stories for others has truly been a joy. Life is good when you get to do what you love, where you love, with people you love to work with!

"i love a good cup of coffee, my scottish terrier, and a long run so i can enjoy charleston’s fabulous food scene!"
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